Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bonfire Of Rejections

There are many like my friend Estelle who swear by the power of positive affirmation. Part of their system is about negating all things negative and depressing. Turning rejection letters into custom toilet paper is an example of just such a thing. A great concept but the price tag has very high ouch quotient.

A better (and much cheaper) idea of equal and greater efficacy maybe to make a bonfire of the rejection letters. Thinking of letters and bonfires reminds me of my classmate Aparna who in our final year of college had made a bonfire of all the Valentines' Day and birthday cards she had received from lovelorn suitors in four years. Being the heartbreaker she was, it made for a merry fire and we enjoyed reading the mushy purple prose aloud before she consigned it to the flames. Never have I seen "love" so theatrically rejected.

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