Monday, June 12, 2006

Singled Out

Whatever a single person may have to do on their personal time, in the workplace it scores significantly lower than anything a parent does prefaced with "My kid" as the author of this CSM article describes.

"Family friendly" connotes policies that are "friendly" towards a family unit comprised of working parents with young children. All others are outliers in this scheme and may rightfully feel discriminated against. Maybe the workforce is predominated by those who fit the typical family configuration and it makes sense for the organization to cater to their needs.

From my experience, I have seen singles often stay late and come in early when they don't
even need to. In doing so, they inadvertently set expectations of being available to pitch in when someone needs to take time off to nurse their sick child.

For a lot of singles the work place extends into their social life. On a Friday evening it is common for a group of singles to hang out together after work - I know I have done it in my time. Office romances are very much in bloom and for those involved, being at the workplace is about spending time together and as such desirable. Maybe sometimes singles contrinute by their actions to the views held about them.

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ggop said...

Nice article! I have been guilty of setting up lofty expectations myself since I don't have kids - your last comment got me thinking.