Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thrilling Chase

Scary article about a subculture where the AIDs virus is pursued by some men as the highest form of erotic gratification. Naturally, everything about their perspective on the disease turns conventional wisdom about AIDs on its head. I wonder if this could have to do with overcoming fear of unprotected and therefore unlimited and unrestricted sex - quite possibly what defines Nirvana to some. Once HIV is contracted, all doors are open.

There is nothing left to fear because there is nothing left to loose, nowhere to stop. It must be exhilarating to know that caution can be forever thrown to the winds. More than the moment itself which is clearly fetishised, the aftermath must be very tempting to those who seek the bug. It could also be a slow and bizarre kind of suicide. Reading the Rolling Stone article left a strange taste in the mouth. Indeed, truth is much stranger than fiction.

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ggop said...

Superior "home making genes"? ROTFL!
I guess I have none!