Saturday, July 01, 2006

Buyer Paradise

A cure of buyer's remorse is at hand. Actually better - with a data enabled phone at hand the remorse can be prevented. Not quite the silver bullet yet as the author of the CSM article points out.

Scanbuy, however, does have a few shortcomings. Not every cellphone is compatible with the service. And spending too much time on your cellphone conducting price searches can be costly, depending on the terms of your cellphone contract. Other people who have reviewed Scanbuy have written that many retailers use proprietary bar-code systems that don't show up in any of the search engines used by Scanbuy - at least not at the moment.

But as I mentioned earlier, some people see bigger things in Scanbuy's future, particularly working with the search industry's 800-pound gorilla, Google.

To have such technology turn mainstream and prompt a buyer to go elsewhere to buy the tomatoes they are eyeing in one store sounds really nice. It would also be nice to be able to input a shopping list to the software and have it figure out the best buys, the optimal route (so you don't spend on gas what you save on tomatoes) and print out the lowest cost itinerary. It would be a service well worth paying for - both for sellers and buyers.

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