Monday, July 24, 2006


For the seriously cine-addicted, movieoke may be just the thrill they have been waiting for.

Anastasia is a filmmaker living in New York City, who originally hails from Los Angeles. The idea for Movieoke came from a 25 minute film that she wrote, directed and starred in which features a character who could only speak in movie lines. Whereas that character ended tragically, having become completely alienated from society, Anastasia used the same structure to create Movieoke in order to achieve the opposite end: bringing people together based on their love of movies past, present, and future.

The character from the film the FAQ references to reminds me of a flower seller (as opposed to a florist) in my town in India where I grew up. Back in the day, Anil Kapoor was still hero material and this flower seller looked like they had been separated at birth. The signature hair style, moustache and gait only added to the effect.

When he had an audience to indulge him, he out Aniled Anil Kapoor in his dialogue delivery. You could see it was painful for him to be in the mundane business of weighing marigold, jasmine and chrysanthemum by the kilo and transacting with his customers like a common vegetable seller. If ever there was a man who was in need of the movieoke it was him - what a profound difference it would have made to his life.


Anonymous said...

I came to your blog through priyamvada's completely hooked to your writing..though never commented before. Movieoke reminds me of my school friend who used to deliver dialogues from QSQT..both of aamir khan and juhi chawla. It actually felt like you are watching the movie...she was that good. I think she would really enjoy something like movieoke.


Heartcrossings said...

Al - Thanks for stopping by ! I think there is a huge potential for the movieoke in Bollywood-crazy India. QSQT - you bring back memories of high school days :)