Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ads In Textbooks

Textbooks and I have had nothing to do with each other for many years. While it is revelation to me that an algebra textbook could cost $100 and must go through revisions each year (who knew that the subject was evolving so rapidly), it does not hit my budget yet. The idea of using ads in textbooks to make them free for students is certainly novel though do I wonder about the distraction it may cause.

The epithet "dry" that is often ascribed to textbooks may not ring true for future generations who will get to read a couple of lines of witty copy between theorems. Maybe our fears about loss of concentration are unfounded. That colorful ad for a pre-paid cellular phone just before the solution to a problem could end up serving as a perfect mnemonic device.


ggop said...

I have spent many a night in Kinkos xeroxing chapters from expensive textbooks till I got an assistantship. So I would have no qualms about kinkos or the coffee ads if it means cheap textbooks.

Heartcrossings said...

gg - specially if the ads come with coupons for discounted goods,food or services. A text book for free plus a half free meal - sounds like grad school nirvana :)