Saturday, August 12, 2006

Backwaters Living

How I wish Google - The Musical was playing in my town. I totally love the site design and what I read in the review. Everything comes rather late to my neck of the woods so I may be able to see it (if at all) in a few years. Hopefully I would have moved to some place more happening by then.

My friend E, who lives in Boston sent me a newspaper clipping about the Body Worlds exhibition. Her post-it note says "I can't decide whether I would find this fascinating or horrifying but sounds worth checking out. I hope you and J are able to squeeze in a trip up here before the end of this month".

I miss living in a big city. Not that I have ever lived in one. Growing up in India, my metropolitan cousins had easy access to concerts, theatre, exhibitions, film festivals and the like. In my little town, a good concert was remembered for ten years. People would talk of "that year when Bismillah Khan had performed at the auditorium".

My memories were few and savored dearly. I always longed for the vibrant cultural life of a city but loved the slow and intimate pace of life in a small town too much to leave it. It is the same contradiction of desires that has brought me where I am today. A suburb that is easily accessible to a major city yet provides complete insulation from its frenetic pace is what I seek - but to have to trade an arm and leg for that lifestyle is a daunting prospect.


Anonymous said...

Hey, If you can, you should go to Body works-2 exihibition. I have heard good reviews about it from my friends. They also told me how inspired people were after seeing it..few of them quit smoking, few started exercising (apparently they show how the muscles become if you don't exercise). I guess it will be very informative for J (though pictures look kind of scary but my friend went with her 2 year old twins, so I guess it should be okay).


Heartcrossings said...

Al - Thanks for the recommendation. I will forward that on to my friend.