Sunday, August 06, 2006

Checking In

I have partaken of the guilty pleasure myself and thought nothing of it. What's wrong in looking up an old flame or rash break-up from long ago ? There is definite satisfaction (and vindication) in finding out that they are still single as I have discovered a few times.

Likewise, I have been sought out too. Many years too late, a once-prospect's father pretended to have e-mailed me in error and when I did not respond "really" e-mailed me. Back when his son and I were really interested in each other and were both too young to stand up for ourselves, he had decided to go shopping for a "bigger, better deal" and broken us up. So to have him come back around looking for me was rather edifying for the ego.

There used to be flourishing literary genre around chance encounters with a long lost lovers
when reconnecting to past loves lost, spurned or unrequitted was not as easy as Googling their name. A beautiful story like Maupassant's A Meeting would not be quite as poignant to a generation that has never known a time when Googling was not an option.


SFGary said...

You should check it out, maybe he's discovered the error of his ways and now wants to check out the possibilities. I can see events unfolding like an Indian movie: a distraught potential FIL with a life threatening illness wants to set up his son before he checks out and wants to see grandchildren. The story writes itself...

Heartcrossings said...

SFG - I love stories that write themselves :) That's exactly why its not worth checking it out. I'd hate for my life to turn out like a Bollywood musical.