Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hiring Drama Queens

Drama queens are other high social maintenance individuals apparently don't make good employees and should not be hired.

Finkel's body of research builds upon accumulating evidence that demonstrates that self-regulatory strength is a limited resource that fluctuates markedly, depending on prior willpower exertion, exhaustion and stress. The five experiments demonstrate that when individuals exert self-regulatory strength in dealing with inefficient or difficult social interactions, their energy is sapped and they have fewer resources available for separate tasks performed moments later.

Wonder why it would take research to establish a self evident truth. People routinely quit jobs unable to take the stress of tolerating their obnoxious bosses. Hopefully they consent to an exit interview and tell it like it is. If the pattern repeats itself a few times, the boss from hell is let go.

Just knowing that (as we all do) proves that drama queens make normal people suffer in the workplace and must in everyone's best interests never be hired. Isn't that the whole point of those never ending behaviorial job interviews replete with open-ended questions ?


SFGary said...

Its easier said than done. Most HR departments are so slow and backward that they wouldn't have the skills to figure these things out. In my opinion a lot of them just exist to keep track of government regulations affecting the workplace and keeping departing employees from causing trouble to the management.

Heartcrossings said...

SFG - Agree about HR departments being backward. Maybe they should just stop pretending to know what they don't and toss a coin to make a hiring decision.