Saturday, September 09, 2006

Magic School Bus

Like a flapping gosling
she hops on the bus, her
ponytail bobbing. She
looks for her "usual" spot,
and finding it taken,
hesitates before choosing
another across the aisle -
by the window. That Mommy
could not appear on
this side does not
cross her mind being as she was
relative to window, road and Mommy
disposed exactly as they
had been yesterday.
Mommy hurries across
to wave goodbye but
the bus has left by then.
Is this a parable
for a time to come, when
relative to each other
we would be where we
expect the other to be.
Yet by when we discover
the physics of relativity
the moment would have passed,
the smile in anticipation
would have turned a moue
of sudden despair.

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