Friday, October 06, 2006

Citizen Filmmaking

Saw a short movie called Ten about a man who breaks all ten commandments before breakfast. An idea with potential but not the best execution. Consent on the other hand is a six minute movie that's interesting, funny and different. As filmmaking becomes as easy as having something to say and a cell phone video camera to say it with, the diversity and number of really short movies can only grow exponentially.

While these citizen-filmmakers may not be able to churn out Hollywood epics, they can certainly tell a good story with moving images, words and music. It would not be surprising if filmmaking became compulsory teaching and learning at schools. Maybe ten years from now, a Powerpoint (or Keynote) presentation would be considered primitive - you would need to be able to pitch your ideas in a richer and more textured media than that for anyone to notice.

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