Thursday, October 26, 2006


I run in fields of
your flighty laughter,
memories of you
spun like candy floss
for me to hold atop
a stick long after
you are gone.

I imagine you sit there
working through hedge
funds,libor rates, shell
corporations and other
mumbo jumbo that meant
nothing to me then or now.

We traded love in verse
or pun all through long
summer afternoons while
you worked and I pretended
to.That meant everything.

I did not tire of your
thoughts as you spoke
them loud, nor of the
gussied up lies of your
febrile imagination.
I just loved.

I soaked in all of you
until I changed hue. Willing
to be the chalice bearer
of love unconditional. I
would have poured until
deluge overcame you.

Instead you chose to
leave me in fields
ablaze with nothingness
smelling your absence
in westbound wind. You
did not wave as you left
you just did.

There is a word you have
missing after a
apostrophied departure.
You left for me to
fathom the infinite
ways to fill in a blank.


Prerona said...

made me start crying again. so beautiful. without waving goodbye ... yes, i think thats the worst part of it.

Heartcrossings said...

Prerona - Lovely name ! Thanks for stopping by and glad that you liked it.