Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dog Collared Passengers

Interesting discussion on the difference between being security conscious and paranoid on Slashdot spurred by the proposed RFID tagging of passengers in airports. Maybe the powers that be should go one step further and embed RFID chips into new-borns before discharging them from hospitals so they may be able to keep a vigilant eye on them at all times and pre-empt all misdemeanors and infractions.

It would not hurt that the huge mine of data this exercise would cause to be harvested can be sold for profit to all providers of goods and services - one possible salutary effect of this could be a lowered tax burden on the RFID-enabled generation. They can pay their debts to society by data on and about them.

In the meanwhile it will become ever so simple to get included on the no-fly list because human intent will be recorded, monitored and assessed by computer programs - a small glitch in the algorithm could well be one's undoing.

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Amit said...

Dog Collared Passengers huh? They already to this in Japan. Kids have chips in their bags to make sure they go to school.