Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fish Eating

Eating fish has never been so difficult - all water is contaminated, most varities are over fished verging on extinction, mercury levels are dangerously high. Farming your catch in your basement seems like a reasonable option.

Beats using a
mercurcy calculator to figure if the portion on your plate is too large to be safe or pulling flash cards out of your wallet to select a fish to order from the menu - it weighs too much on the conscience to know that you may be eating some of the last Chilean Sea Bass on the planet.

For the burger lover who wants to go green there are delectable garden burgers but sea food alternatives seem to be confined to imitation crabmeat.


Anonymous said...


I was going thru your very initial entries.. from 2005.. and please dont think it as criticism..but here are my 2 cents.. maybe you are looking for an idealistic man in your life ..somebody who exists only on paper... also.. if my husband was kinda close to another woman.. even on a very healthy friendship basis..sooner or later..i wud get all nuts about it and might end up breaking it off... human jealousy is quite something..cud that have been the case in yours...

yes you must have come across some really perfect people..but they aint getting any better.. your daughter needs an OK father... and that is the most important thing.. ofcourse it is not a definite requirement..but if you yearn for a husbands love..she will for a father's love too...

Do see the world from your child's eyes.. there will be lot of imperfections and in them the beauty of simplicity..

ohh well... good luck..once again..no offense meant.. and love ur columns..

Take Care

Heartcrossings said...

Sharda - Thanks for stopping by and for the good wishes !

ggop said...

I presume you don't know HC personally, so its difficult for me to digest your comment. While your intentions seem noble, your advice is unsolicited. We must credit HC with some maturity and clarity on her priorities.

Doesn't HC not know what her child's top needs are? Don't you think after one marriage she can't figure out what are her must have qualities in her life partner?