Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Word

Interesting post about what the future holds for the credit card - particularly liked the title Numiscartomancy: Divination using credit cards - nice wordplay and many possibilities. You may be able to choose numbers and images that are Feng Shui friendly for you or have a whole tarot deck of credit cards to do readings with. There may be benefits to embedding credit cards where it would be least expected - like in an earring or cuff link perhaps. One use that comes to mind is being able to shop discreetly though others surely abound.

Totally love the idea of card consolidation. One plastic, many credit limits, balance transfer offers, rewards programs and air miles. The competition between card issuers should intensify when customers have the ability to mix and match offers to best fit their needs.

I'll be waiting for
"numiscartomancy" to make it to Wikipedia.


togetherwebond said...

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Heartcrossings said...

togetherwebond - Sure. Would love to write for your site.