Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Spins On Silence

Things that can go through a man's head when a woman suddenly stops replying to his e-mails.

Yo Babe,

Where have you vanished? Have I said something to offend you?? It's not fair that you just stop though you dropped off the planet!!

That's the most inexplicable thing for us lesser evolved men!?! What does it (the silence) mean??? It's got to mean one of the options given below, so just hit the reply button and write one of the numbers below -

1. Not interested in pursuing this any further.

2. Let me think about this, I’ll get back to you later…after x days/months/years.

3. Your e-mails are asinine and juvenile (especially on the sexual innuendos front); improve your outlook and then maybe.

4. I don’t like your looks at all.

5. My parents/grandparents/cousins/pets will not like you because you're not a 'Bong'.

6. With that age difference, it's almost like cradle-snatching!

7. Don’t want to leave where I live, have a great job here and am willing to wait even several years to find a local desi.

8a I am seeing someone else, I like him better, best of luck OR

8b I am seeing someone else, I like him better, but what the heck, we can be friends OR

8c I am not seeing anyone, however, I don't think things will work between us but we can be friends

9. I kind of like what I see, let's take this forward...slowly/come over meet me NOW!

10. Here’s my Tel # (__) ___-____, I feel too shy, you call me.

11. I'm already in love with you but too bashful to admit it.

12. Other reason... I want another child, you don't

Note 1: In case its 8b, 8c, 9, 10, or 11 please e-mail your pics (it's only fair!).
Note 2: Respond even if it’s a rejection, don't worry I can live with it, I'll pick up the pieces and move on...I promise!


Prerona said...

Awesome :)

Some of them are quite true actually. And all are really funny!

Heartcrossings said...

Prerona - Thanks ! I particularly liked the one about the cousins and pets not accepting a non-Bong :)