Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ten Reasons

Some reasons why men will call women even if they have zero interest in her relationship-wise

1) They have nothing better to do at the time of making the call and would rather spend it talking to a woman than channel surf or browse the web mindlessly or perhaps as an accompaniment to those activities.

2) They find conversation with her amusing and/or interesting just as children find the tricks of a performing monkey. As with kids, they grow out of performing monkeys and need more varied fare to sustain equivalent levels of amusement.

3) They like the fact that if they call her consistently and frequently over a period of time, she expects them to call her and will call them if they don't. Seeing such a Pavalovian response is gratifying to some men - it makes them feel powerful.

4) They are jaded in their primary relationship i.e. a wife, a steady girlfriend and want to take a break by seeking alternate female company. These deals are strictly telephonic and long distance.

5) They are going through a break-up and need to talk to a woman who reminds them the least of the party they are breaking up with. In such situations the exact opposite is of particular interest. Once they are fully broken up, the exact opposite begins to irritate them simply because they are the exact opposite. They now want a happy medium - after all the ex was not a complete shrew - she had many good qualities that shine so much stronger now that she is the ex.

6) The woman's voice on the phone is really nice - you know the kind radio talk show hostesses have. Its a pleasure just to hear her say anything including reading the Hanuman Chalisa or whatever else may be her religious passion.

7) Just from talking to her, it is clear that the woman is totally not his type. However, he's curious about her, about her type the kind of men that might actually find her wife-material. Once he knows enough, he'll be ready to do what he really needs to do -i.e. find who he truly wants to be with.

8) He is able to open up with her like he never knew he could. She is his therapist/shrink for free. Thanks to those long conversations on phone, he is able to work through his issues and become "normal"

9) He views her as a philanthropic project. Here is a woman who needs to be saved from herself. He is happy to be of assistance believing that such random acts of mercy will reserve his place in heaven. The calls are very long and conversations are always meaningful.

10) She makes him laugh and is the best power break in the middle of a busy day and the best thing to unwind with after work. It helps that her the sound of her laughter is seductive. After a while, the laughs take a while coming and sound contrived when they do signaling the time to move on.


SFGary said...

You may be referring to guys that either can't let go or ones who believe that they can stay friends with women after they break up.

Before you typecast all guys, there's probably a few more categories such as men who would rather not call women they have no interest in.

Anonymous said...

Ahh..been there..seen that. Those were the days.. of trying to find the "guy" the indian way.. meeting.talking... I had a few such encounters..where it would be obvious the guy is not 100% interested.. but keeps calling.. for god knows what reason.. and one time I actually asked this guy.. if all you want is talk to a woman..why dont you call a 1-900..number.. hehehe...and best part is he comes to visit after that..but i dropped him back at the airport in 1 hr.. i found him sooo boring...


Heartcrossings said...

SFG - I did not mean to typecast all men. There are men who know to broken up is indeed that and there is no sense of downgrading the relationship to platonic friendship. They would stop calling when it longer makes sense.

Sharda - One rule I follow at all times - never chauffer a date around even if they are from the opposite coast. He needs to get a rental and hotel and take care of himself. It will be a cold day in hell before I pick up a "prospect" from the airport :)