Thursday, October 19, 2006

Toothfairy Watch

J has been attending kindergarten for a few weeks now and I have been waiting to see signs of the apocalypse that everyone promised this transition from daycare to "real" school will cause. Her vocabulary has expanded quite a bit, she tries to act like the older kids and imitates her homeroom teacher. Other than that not much has changed.

I usually pack her a home made Indian meal and had expected that to be a sticking point. From my cafeteria volunteer experience, no one else brings in food that the others will not recognize. Her wardrobe is unusually small and contains no brand name clothes. With the concentration of little fashionistas in her class, some coutre-discontent would have been understandable. J has surprised me on all counts.

The one thing I had not anticipated has happened instead. She is waiting with baited breath for the tooth fairy to come calling and expects to loose her first teeth any morning now though there are no signs of that happening any time soon. This morning she said "Mommy, I am going to pull my teeth out". Goes to prove that I have long ways to go before I figure what goes on in J's head. I see potential for the unyeilding teeth to blow up into the major crisis of her kindergarten year.


Priyamvada_K said...

Give J a big kiss, and tell her that the tooth fairy wants to enjoy's J's present smile a little longer before she takes her teeth.


Heartcrossings said...

Priya - Thanks :) J is growing desperate by the minute to lose her first tooth. Yesterday she enjoyed the optical illusion of it when her mouth was full of dark chocolate and it appeared that she was actually missing some teeth !