Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bridal Tour

I can't believe us desis are lagging behind the world in the bridal tourism business. For crying out loud we have a Miss Universe and Miss World from India - just that should suffice for marketing the desi woman's eye candy quoitent. It only helps that Bollywood musicals feature oomphy starlets by the dozen.

Something along the lines of A Foreign Affair should find a natural habitat in India. I can picture a bus load of western men traveling from Ludhiana to Cochin to select an aspirant bride to take home to wife. That our girls should fall behind their Ukranian sisters is an anomaly that needs correcting. Done right, this could be a remunerative cottage industry

A full-service outfit like AFA can take a man from mouse-click to matrimony for less than $10,000, orchestrating everything from travel and hotel arrangements to legal services to home delivery of flowers and chocolate—complete with digital photos of the woman's ecstatic reaction—while she waits for her paperwork to go through.

Safety measures like chaperoning the would be bride, an iron-clad pre-nup and ensuring that the man's credit and credentials are fully verified before he steps on the bride tour bus would differentiate industry leaders from fly by night operators. Providing the couple extended warranty in the form of discounted legal aid, marriage counseling, spa and massage services would make good business sense as well.


ggop said...

Is the Harper's link ok? I couldn't find the article. BTW my former colleague went to Russia and married a girl after a two or three week stay.
Guess what, the marriage didn't even last two months. She was miserable in America..

Heartcrossings said...

ggop - There's always that possibilty. But if the enterprise is more often successful than it is not,then its probably worth trying.