Monday, November 06, 2006

Candy Surplus

This year, J did not notice Halloween come and go. My friends had warned me it would be a mega deal now that she was in kindergarten and there would be terrible consequences of not buying her a costume. J did not come back from school all primed up for Halloween as had been feared and no trick or treaters came knocking at our door either. One toddler dressed like a bright pink bug walking around the community with her mother was the solitary sign of the day. In sharp contrast, it was a big deal at work - there were Goths, Vikings, gypsies and witches all around.

Last year, J brought home several pounds of candy and it took her over six months to work through the loot of one evening. Came a point when she was too bored to eat any more but would not give it away either - spoils of war are not so easily given away. Remnants of Tootsie Rolls and sticky Jolly Ranchers routinely show up in the oddest places to this day and I am sure I have not seen the last of it yet. We were clearly missing a candy grabber last year.

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