Saturday, November 25, 2006


I drive through the streets
still dark from the night
lights shining like
jewels on a strand for
endless miles. The radio
whelps a number too
plaintive to hear. Today
I have ears for nothing.
I walk the downtown streets
like a visitor in the city
I have lived in for a year,
Unfamiliar, disoriented but
oddly alert like a sleepwalker
in a caffeine haze.
The regulars stare at me
as I grab a quick McDonald
bite. Across from my park
bench, the sleeping
tramp gets a trooper's prod.
I sit waiting, watch the sun
gently rising upon the
courthouse building.
Today some names link
theirs to mine in a dense
karmic tangle. Craig,
Steve Dana and Pallavi.
On the eighteenth day of
October they together
set me golden
word is spoken

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Anonymous said...

I like your freedom. I know its not easy to be free but its a great joy when you get freedom. Freedom of everything you want to do for J.
God bless you all with happy holidays.