Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Friendly Banks

I've stayed with my current bank as long as I have mainly from laziness. Now, if their customer service totally sucked I would have overcome my inertia and taken my business elsewhere. I could not complain of anything except of drowning in their syrupy sea of saccharine sweetness. The tellers in my bank give a new meaning and dimension to service with a smile. If it takes bunny rabbit ears stuck on them to amuse a jaded customer they will gladly do it.

I have been asked about my day, if I was enjoying the fair weather or if I planned to do anything fun this weekend all while making my deposit and taking out a couple of tens in cash. I have to admit that I enjoy starting my Saturday mornings by stopping at the bank - it takes the sting out of the many hours of running mindless errands thereafter. Because of perma-smiles on their faces, I prefer them to the ATM machine - it also saves me the trouble of having to write my name and address on the deposit slip.

Unlike me, some folks find the friendly face of banking quite nauseous. When you are in the customer service business, you can please some people all of the time, some people some of the time but never all people all of the time - clearly amping up the sugar is not the silver bullet because it does not take diabetics into account.


ggop said...

Sounds like the author of the piece protests too much for no reason.

At least they are friendly - I remember waiting with a token for more than 30 minutes (sometimes 2 hours) in the early 90s in nationalized banks in India for a withdrawal.

Heartcrossings said...

ggop - You're right. If he had stood in line for his turn at SBI back home he'd be grateful to Barclays