Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ice Storm


You are a crucible of ice
Unfeeling receptacle of life’s
elixir as I pour on in vain.
May fire char your rigor mortis,
wind disperse its ashes,
icy water trickle back to earth.
When your elements
return to balance,
your heart may beat again.


I wish upon you many things
most from a love cast away
like a warm but threadbare sweater
after winter’s bite was gone.
I wish that you pray for peace
to be upon me and mine each
night before you fall asleep.
That you dream of making love
to me wondering who does instead.
That you seek my laughter
among other voices in life's passing by.
That you try to catch a glimpse
of legs sculpted in stone as women
mill in and out of the subway.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello HC,
I like wind storms but not ice storms. Seasonal ice changes bring lot of changes. Hope we will not see any ice storms anymore.