Sunday, November 19, 2006

Perfect Ten

Earlier today we were having a conversation about the air-brushed perfection of models and actresses and how that puts the pressure on regular women to spend more time and money towards acquiring that absolute flawlessness. While it may no longer be impossible to get the magazine cover look with new technology it is not without danger

And it is not enough to just look perfect with make-up delivered on the skin in a nano particle spray - modern women are expected to be perfect as well. They must be highly desirable, accomplished and independent. She must find love, a meaningful and remunerative career, be able to keep it together against the most terrific odds and still look like a million bucks. If she happens to be a mother, then nothing short of being super-mom cuts it. There is now a word to describe these women and their state of affairs - Stressettes

With women constantly upping the ante on perfection, men are catching up on body image anxieties - it is only fair that the Wonderbra finally meet its match


SFGary said...

I have a feeling it won't succeed. We, you know, like to...ahem, be free. The confined space, though uplifting, may be too claustrophobic.

murtx said...

it never fails to amaze me that such insipid levels of constriction are never imposed upon us men.

let me eximplify the one they called Anna Nicole :)