Friday, November 17, 2006

Trying Blind

When in love, I have found conversation to flow effortlessly in the dark without the distractions of facial expression or body language. Darkness makes it easier to cry, confide, confess or get drunk - apparently dining with a roomful of strangers in the dark can be pleasurable as well. It heightens their enjoyment of the meal

Patrons never see the food because the three-course meal is served in complete darkness – so diners must rely on other senses to discern the meal.

Not surprising therefore that blind dating agencies have found a natural habitat in the blind restaurant. Other than the obvious advantage of being able to talk to a stranger without the awkwardness that a blind date is fraught with, you can also leave mysteriously in the dark without revealing yourself to your date should you never want to meet again.


Prerona said...

interesting concept!!!

Anonymous said...

There is actually a restaurant in Zurich where all staff are blind and that is completely dark!!