Friday, November 03, 2006

Web Vaastu

I hope Smita Narang has patented the web vaastu idea. It is high on both cool factor and exotica but its application, if her own website is any proof, leaves much to be desired. The overall aesthetics and design reminds you of your earliest attempts at personal web presence in the time of Geocities.

Loved this comment by one Slashdotter on her "web vaastu analysis" of Slashdot:

What if they start applying this people's faces? Will Smita Narang rearrange her face for balance? Looks like some 30 year old desperate housewife wanting some money on the side.

It would be interesting to compare the traffic stats on her site before and after the vaastu- challenged Slashdot ran her story. Maybe the theory there is the sum of all vaastu good and bad in the world is a constant.Therfore Slashdot's loss is Webvastu's gain.

At any rate, Narang gets two thumbs up for ingenuity in thinking this whole thing up and making news.

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