Monday, November 27, 2006

Woman On Top

I could not help thinking of a parallel between domineering wives and the success of companies headed by women CEOs

Apparently, these CEOs experience longer tenures and faster growth. Likewise, in marriages where the wife wears the pants, the chances of the union surviving are seem higher. This not to say it is a healthy or even desirable state of affairs - unlike the women CEOs who are "
outstanding role models for business success"

Long suffering henpecked husbands are the staple of light-hearted sitcoms and movies but they are not usually shown getting up and out on their wives - they need help to get that far. They might not even think of calling the cops on her believing that her story would win over his.

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Anonymous said...

Hello HC,
I am aware of such men too who will bite their own finger and call cops to say that their spouse did it. It is very tricky for everyone now-a-days but finally truth truimphs.
My personal experience...
"I was bleeding from my nose from his hard blow and he said to cop that he got bit and my blood is from his wound. The cop did see my broken nose. I think some men just want to get sympathy by trying to be the weak gender. They want attention esp during pregnancy time instead of giving his woman the special attention needed he demanded that special care to himself, what a traumatic drama? That is why its very important to be cautious. Becareful of everything and anything"
Sometimes its nice to be woman than man. Women give lot much to the world but still go unnoticed.