Saturday, December 30, 2006

Driving Distractions

Standing at a stop sign behind a car with a DVD playing for the back seat passenger, I found myself trying to watch the screen - just idle curiosity combined with boredom I am sure but it could be dangerously distracting had the both cars been in motion .

A friend was joking a few days ago that she had her husband tailgate a car because she was watching the movie they had playing inside and she did not want to miss the best part. Knowing her, that must have been a sweeping exaggeration but I sure get her drift. I wish they would keep some devices impossible to use while driving or even inside a car.

Surely, we have survived and been doing quite ok without a portable scanner thus far. Our lives are complicated enough even without a slew of gizmos on our car vying for attention. Back in the day when cars were a novelty, driving one was a fun enough task in itself, no other props were required to keep the driver or passengers engaged. Besides, they did not bristle with so much technology to aid the driver's job, causing boredom and hence distraction.

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