Thursday, December 14, 2006

Economics For Kids

J is learning to count money at school these days but does not understand credit card transactions. In a country where swiping plastic is the de rigueur way to buy goods and services, it might be a good idea to teach kindergartners how it works. You can't start educating kids about the perils of credit card debt too soon.

That J knows to read an analog watch thanks to Mrs. H, is a charming but relatively useless skill. It would have sufficed for her to be able to tell time from the many digital clocks all around her. Likewise, beyond being able to pay for cotton candy and lemonade at a fair with her bag of dimes and quarters, counting "real" money will not be of much use to her.

I would love to introduce her to concepts of economics but know so little about the subject myself that I worry I would do a bad job teaching her. The local library does not seem to have what I am looking for or perhaps I have not been able to articulate my need well enough to find it. It turns out that MR readers have some great recommendations just for what I seek. In fact there are so many good ideas that I am not sure which one to pick or where to begin.

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