Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ringing Birds

My cell phone ringtone is bland, boring, lifeless and only serves to increase ambient noise pollution whenever the phone rings. I keep the volume very low out of consideration for everyone in its vicinity. Now to have an endangered Brazilian bird chirp each time someone calls is an idea I totally love even though I am not sure how I am helping the cause of the species.

Following the instructions, I was able to get the text message with an URL link to follow. However, that defines the limit of my m-savvy. I wasn't quite able to replace the current aural irritant that I have for ringtone with lovely birdsong as I had wanted to.

The techies at work will snicker at my abortive attempt at mobile hipness but I will need to enlist their help if I want to get to any kind of bird to sing out of my cellular.
Getting with the m-program is not an option at this late date even when techies routinely exhort me to RTFM

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