Friday, December 08, 2006

Standard Visitation

Ten years of decayed love
float in her eyes. She looks
at me like time were still.
Her shoulder blade like an
ivory sword cutting, hurting.
I tell her to take care, look
beautiful again, first love
of my life, my wife, mother
of my sons. We exchange
bitter words without passion.
I turn home a sad dreamless
man - she breathes reconciliation
dares not say we be together
again but her eyes do - she
knows I hear too. Maybe she
does nothing and I cue wrong.
We both wish for time to wrap
on itself, give us back a decade

1 comment:

Anonymous said... no never. Back to school days of love are done now. How much love tolerates is enough or do you really need centuries of history to be repeated to err again. Love is great to be conquered. Love is divine. Love never decays.