Friday, January 26, 2007

Men, Women And Religion

Thought provoking post about why women are more religious than men in all societies and cultures. In an average Indian home, it is the mother and grandmother who perform the pujas and practice ritualistic observances but the temple priests are almost always male. One western commentator explains with characteristic disregard for facts and scant understanding of Hindu religion what women were used for in Hindu temples - but that is a whole different discussion.

The division of religious duties home and outside is not unlike the role of men and women in the kitchen. When at home it is typically a woman's domain, a commercial enterprise would more likely find a male chef in charge. Women may have a more personal relationship with their religious faith as they do with cooking. As Grandma's rice pudding is to Ferran AdriĆ 's molecular gastronomy, so is Mother's soulful recitation of the Shanti Mantra to a strident Ashta Prahar (chanting for twenty four hours) led by a religious guru. It is more about different than less or more.


cheti said...

Hey HC

Ever since childhood, I have seen my grandfathers, granduncles, uncle, father and now the eldest brother (cousin) in the extended family perform the religious duty in all family events. (now dont go on a tangent saying women get sidelined there too .. )

But still, I have to agree with you on women being more religious. Or I should say women are more expressive of their religiousness.

And thanks for the link to the article by Kealy ( ?) It was like in a dream to read that ! Can ppl seriously sit and give such a interpretation to certain expressions ? funny !

Heartcrossings said...

Chet - I thought the Kealy article was hilarious beyond belief. Reminds me of the story of the blind men and the elephant.

Proves that you can creates theories out of thin air sound credibile if you have the air of academic authority.