Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Unglam Jobs

It is commonly believed that manufacturing jobs have long been extinct in the US and there is no hope for them ever being revived and yet jobs go begging without any takers. Once the mainstay source of employment for the masses, manufacturing has been de-glamorized enough to become what no young person starting out in life will touch with a barge pole. It does not help that media has greatly exaggerated the reports of its demise. Why would someone in their early twenties embark on a career in a sunset industry.

We had a healthy count of mechanical engineers in our graduating class. A lot of them went into IT directly and the majority of those who started out in manufacturing drifted into IT over time. Even ten years ago, being employed in the manufacturing industry spelt a kind of career death knell that everyone tried to avoid. It won't be surprising if the destinations of exported manufacturing jobs face the same hardships that the industry in US is facing today.

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