Thursday, December 07, 2006

Unit Of Measure

How amusing that the children of Warner Brother CEO download illegal music too - just like everyone else. The details of the punishment are a family thing and were not disclosed. Clearly they are not doing time like Martha Stewart or that would have made news.

Whatever it was should be the gold standard for penalizing kids elsewhere who like his kids go Limewiring and YouTubing. The punishment for adults would be an easy extrapolation.

Maybe everyone in the business recognizes that illegal downloads are not such a bad thing after all and going after the illegal downloaders is just a way to keep sue happy corporate lawyers busy and earn their keep.

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SFGary said...

Maybe it was the same CEO who also said that he downloaded all the songs from a couple of the minor labels into his iPOD before he sold the companies. I wonder if the RIAA lawyers are working overtime in suing this guy.