Friday, December 22, 2006

Virgin Birth

This is the perfect time of year to read about immaculate conception even if in the context of Komodo dragons. I often hear men complain how women past a certain age just want a "warm body" that they would use for reproductive purposes. Beyond ensuring that he has the ability to impregnate her, she has little interest in him as a person.

Reading about how this lizard species is able to reproduce asexually when there are no males around made me think of the options that some in the animal kingdom have that humans don't at least as of yet. Ironically, the genetics of asexual reproduction would inevitably result in male offspring.

Perhaps that is a way to ensure that sexual reproduction retains its worth as it would be the only way to perpetuate the species. If one day they figured out what it took for the human female to reproduce asexually, it would eliminate the need for the warm bodies that men are so afraid of being reduced to. Sex could become purely recreational. Maybe societies would turn matriarchal to encourage the birth of female children - something that would still require a man.

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