Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Amusing City

My friend A has been living in Dubai for about ten years and has been trying to get his folks to visit with him for almost that long. They insisted that he get out of his bachelor pad and find a wife before they came. Finally, last year his dad arrived to meet with his brand new grand daughter. I asked "So did he like it there ?" and A replied "He found Dubai very amusing and knowing you, I think you'd feel the same way too."

I suspect he might be right though I have yet to make the detour through there on the way home to India as promised to A. Reading this
essay on Slate tempts me to this time around though I might need a trip to Disney to primer me for the high octane "amusement".


ggop said...

Heard from a VP it was one of the most surreal places he had ever visited.
The guy is Iranian so I don't believe he was that affected by the dishdashas or abayas. The glitter of the city and then the bleakness 20 miles outside the city threw him off..

Prerona said...

its a strange place ...

Heartcrossings said...

gg, Prerona - Sounds like I really must make the Dubai detour this time :)