Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Podcasting Grievances

This gives new meaning to airing your grievances. Instead of writing to the newspaper editor, people can now call, complain and be podcasted for everyone to hear. Back in the day some people made writing letters to the editor an art form. The new generation of malcontents can take their show on air and thanks to technology bring much innovation to bear on pain old whining and griping.

Newspapers for their part are anxious to become livelier. Some are getting creative with incoming mail, and
making blog posts out of it. Increasingly, it may become difficult to merely broadcast news, views and opinion without active involvement and particpation of the readership.


bharath said...

when there is AM dial filled with just that, complaints! I think people who dont have th money to be heard at least have an opportunity.

also given Bush doesn't read, one way to be heard in corridors of power is to speak loudly. :P

oh, by the way, nice complaint blog :)

Heartcrossings said...

bharath - Bush probably has selective hearing as well :) long time no see btw. How've you been ?