Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Smell Of Frangipani

I am not a thrift store junkie but I'll wander over every once in a while to see the amazing variety of life's detritus. Unlike the wares of a departmental store, everything here has a lot history and character. I tried to imagine the sequence of events leading up to an unopened bottle of Bermuda Frangipani finding its way to this thrift store.

Was it a gift of love gone bitter ? Was it an impulse buy that felt wonderful at first waft but never worked out thereafter ? Was it purged along with other belongings of a woman from her man's house long after their relationship had ended ? Was it given away by mistake ? It is a happy smell tinged with just a little sadness for piquancy - maybe its just my imagination.

I decided to buy it. I've worn it to work a few days and noticed that the fragrance is quick to fade away on me. Perfumes are supposed "stay" longer on some people than others. I am one of the others but the smell of reminds me of a Frangipani tree that grew in the yard of my childhood home. It brings back memories of stringing together the white and yellow flowers in a floral necklace. I brought home a little bit of childhood locked in a bottle from the thrift store - gave it a new purpose and life.

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