Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Surviving The Workplace

Guy Browning's 20 tips for career success made me chuckle - specially tip number 2 : Ignore all email. The reason being - "Most emails are biodegradable, however. If you let them sink to the bottom of the pile and go unanswered they will eventually become irrelevant."

Number 12 is not half bad either : Dress up not down - The one caveat being "On the other hand, never look too businesslike. This marks you out as someone who works in organised crime or as an undertaker, if not both." I have a metrosexual sitting right across from me and he gives me the creeps each time he moisturizes his hands and uses lip balm in full view of everyone. His white shirts could serve as reflectors for portrait photographers - it actually hurts the eye. I wonder now if he might have anything to do with the underworld.

His definition of a consultant - "A consultant is someone in business with an ego so large it takes more than one company to support it" is spot on as well.

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