Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This And That

Nice blog post about the perils of using social media for politics. The one saving grace is that the "offending" ad is context sensitive and will most likely go away in a bit to be replaced by one for Jenny Craig diets maybe leaving the readership part confused and part amused. One hopes amid all the noise and confusion, Obama is still able to reach out to his constituents.

Another one a about why its an
amazing stroke of good luck to be caught burgling in Austria and be imprisoned. The prison cell is beautiful ! However, gaining admittance is no cake walk: And even if you’d like to go, the place is booked to capacity: 205 “prisoners” at the moment. It’s probably harder to get into this place than it is for a woman to join the Vienna Philharmonic.

A story about use of social media gone very awry. In which a man in goaded into
cyber-suicide by the mobs in a chatroom. This would be a repulsive modern day version of a gladiatorial combat where spectators will be satisfied with no less than a death.

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ggop said...

Oh my goodness, the cyber suicide story was truly horrifying.