Sunday, April 22, 2007

Longing To Color

I took J to Michael's last evening to compensate for a working weekend that this one has been. We got small beading kit, a photo frame key chain and a toy that helps you to make intricate spirals designs quite effortlessly. I always end up in the sketching and painting supplies aisle. Touching the paint brushes reminds of a time in another life when I spent all day doing watercolors.

Other than reading, this was an activity I could immerse myself in so completely that I grew oblivious of the world around me. I had some talent for painting but plenty of passion to compensate for what I lacked. Somehow, over time the passion flagged and ultimately wore off. I did not feel exhilarated at the sight of paints and brushes. Returning to a childhood hobby becomes harder with the passage of time but it is never impossible.

In the meanwhile, I'd love to go down this giant slide for grown-ups. If it gives me anything close to the rush of happiness going down the slide in my kindergarten days, I will have no doubt left that these slides will soon be embraced as an effective means of combating stress and depression.

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