Monday, April 30, 2007

Saved By The Gecko

I almost choked over my iced lemonade at L's last evening when she recounted the story of how one gecko, a strong gust of wind and a brush fire within a week of each other saved her marriage. But for that trio of happenstance, she and Bob would have been divorced over fifteen years ago.

Apparently, each time she readies to serve him the papers, fate intervenes in mysterious ways. She will come down with stomach flu for a week or sprain her ankle on way out to work or a leak will spring in the bathroom that no one can fix as quickly as Bob can. This is a couple that have checked out of their marriage years ago but can't seem to do what it takes to end the farce and move on. Maybe this is the thing they call love or some would call it crippling codependence.

A couple of practical obstacles stand too in the way of L and her freedom to be single and mingling. She has a very demanding job - a typical workday ends at 8:00 p.m. and later, there are two kids to raise and she likes being the empress of all she surveys.

But even within those constraints finding a date does not seem impossible if she goes the way of Tim Ferriss who outsourced the
job of finding him dates to contractors. That would be right up L's alley too - she used to manage a the vendor relationships of a big company not so long ago.

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