Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Real Skinny

There is thin and then there is the "real thin" -or people who have no dangerous and undesirable fat deposits around their internal organs.

Never heard of that one before but it seems like a reasonable argument to someone who is completely clueless about both biology and human anatomy. Outwardly fat people could be thin inside and vice versa making the former a more desirable state that the later.

For example, despite their ripples of fat, super-sized Sumo wrestlers probably have a better metabolic profile than some of their slim, sedentary spectators, Bell said. That's because the wrestlers' fat is primarily stored under the skin, not streaking throughout their vital organs and muscles.

It would not surprise me if they come up pills that targeted specific areas of fat inside the body that no one could see. So in theory, you could binge on decadent foods and pop some of the fat-outside-liver-melting pill and be none the worse for your gluttunous excesses.

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