Monday, May 28, 2007

Words For J

A few days ago, I was after J to clean up her room and was hurrying her up as well because we had to go out. She said seriously "Mommy, I don't have eight hands to work with. I'm not an octopus". I burst out laughing. Earlier that day she had said "One thing ruined a perfectly good day for me". That sounded pretty serious so I enquired anxiously what the unsightly blemish might have been. "You said I have to eat fish for dinner". I decided not to force the point about the omega three fats for once and be the one who ruined a perfect day.

Lately, J loves using big words and wants to learn application as soon as she hears a new one. She wants to construct a sentence using the word "grim" and my imagination fails me completely. I tell her to try commercial instead - something that Mrs H included in her word list. I ask her if she knows the meanings of all the words on the list and she goes "I have to read it first and when I want to write about it, I can ask the meaning". Grim's turn is yet to come I am assuming but Mrs H should be up to challenge when it does.

J's friend Caitlin had us cracked up when she did an impromptu antonym exercise with the sentence "Girls need to be classy". Her mom was telling her the importance of being lady-like. She flipped that around and said "Boys are unclassable". I can't wait until J gets to the antonyms. Who needs stand up comedy with a bunch of kindergarteners armed with hefty word lists.

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