Monday, June 25, 2007

Drive Through Bookstore

I love browsing through bookstores and libraries but its not often that I buy anything. For one thing, relocation is part of my life and then I live in an apartment. It just does not makes sense to start a collection and then have to part with it because hauling it around is too complicated.

If however, there was a book vending machine at hand, I guess the temptation to get a book to take home would be too strong to resist. This is like being in front of a fully stocked up vending machine when you are famished and expecting to walk away without buying anything.

The logical next step to the book vending operation would be to allow people to key in their order to the machine remotely and pick it up like they do from a drive through pharmacy. The personal connections between long time customers and knowledgeable bookshop owners are a already thing of the past thanks to big box stores like Barnes and Noble. This could be the last nail in the coffin. There is something bizarre about having to hear or say "One copy of The Catcher in the Rye to go". Maybe then will supersize that order by throwing in a copy of "Of Mice and Men" for free.

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