Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shoo Away Music

At the Spring Carnival at J's elementary school, I was surprised to hear the 60s pop music playing through the public address system. The PTA crowd is in their 30s so it was not the kind of music they would have grown up with. Listening to The Everly Brothers and The Monkees, with an occasional Beatles and Rolling Stones number thrown in for good measure was an unexpected surprise. The kids seemed to be having fun with it too.

After reading this news story about playing Cliff Richard's music to keep trouble makers away I wondered if J's school was using Yellow Submarine by Then He Kissed Me to similar end. I kept a constant eye on J but have to admit there was no signs of any troublemaking despite the chaotic fairground atmosphere. Maybe this is a time-tested trick for keeping miscreants at bay.

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