Sunday, June 10, 2007

Socially Handicapped

My friend S recently became a dad. His email to me conveying the glad tidings said "Look me up on Orkut for pictures of the baby". I am on professional networking sites but have never been able to make the leap to social networking. With everyone and their grandmother on Orkut these days you give up your right to remain under the radar the moment you sign up.

When I chatting with his wife, she said "We haven't done the online album yet. All our friends are on Orkut so we put the picture there". I don't blame them. For new parents there is way too much to do. If this is an easy and effective way to share baby pictures then why not.

Not being on Orkut comes in the way of effective social interaction and this is not the first time either. I hope I never get to the point where I become the mom who has a profile on Facebook much to the consternation and embarrassment of her teenaged daughter. Unless my survival absolutely depends on it, I will always stay away from social networking sites. Apparently I have done right in not posting any pictures of J online, ever.

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