Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Finding A Book

While cleaning my closet a few days ago, I found a book I had forgotten about for years. Zen Wisdom by Timothy Freke. This was a farewell gift from a co-worker. Meant to be daily reader, I found it hard to not read more than my allotted daily dose of wisdom. As a result of trying to take in too much too fast, I did not enjoy the book and it got put away somewhere. I am going to start reading again and hopefully I'll do it right this time.

Don't meditate so that one day you will become enlightened. Meditate to make your life richer now. Meditate when you sit and walk, when you embrace your mother or care for your child. Meditate to bring joy to your existense - Shan T'Sing

This was the quote for the day the book resurfaced in my life. I could not help thinking that the timing was significant. May be this is as the Buddhist proverb goes "When the student is ready, the Master appears". I must not have been ready of any Zen wisdom until now. Time will tell if I am ready yet.

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