Thursday, July 05, 2007

Petri Dish Lifeforms

Mythology from across the world is rife with instances of half-human, half-beast creatures and you wondered where the ancients came up with such fantastic ideas. Looks like we are on our way to do much the same. The beginnings of modern day chimeras are incubating in state of the art biotech labs.

The categories we've taken for granted—mommy, daddy, people, animals—are blurring. We're losing our innocence.

But there's no going back to the days when humans weren't beasts and everyone had a daddy. Those days never existed. O brave old world, that has such creatures in it.

It is hard enough to do a birds and bees lesson with a child growing up in a world where the definition of a "family unit" is fluid at best. They already know all moms and dads are not made equal. In the future a kid might find out that their tennis buddy with the mean backhand is the product of commingling a lion's genes with those of this mother.

The kid himself may have come from the quick frozen eggs of his grandmother but grown in his own mother's womb. In a hundred years from now, Are You My Mother ? may acquire iconic status for speaking to the confusion about origin and identity so eloquently.

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