Monday, July 09, 2007

Roulade Run

I found a recipe for chicken roulade by chance and was so pleased with the results that I am on now a roulade cooking binge. Though, I did not follow a recipe for the whiting roulade, my version turned out pretty good. The fillets had been sitting around for a while because neither J and I care too much for whiting. I have too try the black olive paste stuffing with what is left over in the freezer.

Next was tilapia roulade and that fared even better than the whiting number. J did not even know she was eating fish until I told her. I don't believe she has seen the last of my roulades yet. I will wait until she protests before I move on to the soups - specially the ones that use fish. It is ground I would need to tread with much caution because J loves soups just as much as she dislikes fish (at least lately). The idea would be to sneak fish into the soup without overwhelming it.


ggop said...

Thai soups are very flavourful. Do they use fish too? (Apart from fish sauce)


Heartcrossings said...

ggop - I think they do (at least some of them) Its a fine balancing act to introduce fish into the soup without the strong fishy odor